Our Ring Making Journey

Our Ring Making Journey

Our story is unique, just like our jewelry. This whole process actually started with my husband's other company that worked a lot with machining that we ended up utilizing to create the jewelry you see today! Scott had a customer stop by asking to use one of our lathes to try and make a couple rings for his groomsmen. The ring didn't turn out the way he liked so Scott decided to give it a try himself. The ring actually turned out half decent and he showed the customer. He loved it so much he asked if Scott could make 4 more for his groomsmen. This lead to the groomsmen showing their wives and girlfriends and them asking if we could produce rings with other inlays or gemstones. 

We had never fancied ourselves to be jewelry makers and didn't know much about the process so we both decided to do some research. This lead to us finding Patrick Adair Designs and Adair Makers. Here we both bought a ring making kit and hoped for the best. Within a month we go the hang of making a few rings and picked up 3 local boutiques that wanted to carry our rings! I had already formed a sole proprietorship for our photography company by the name of MariMar Galleria that had specialized in real estate and drone photography, but during the pandemic we lost nearly all our clients so it sat without any movement.

Scott suggested that we keep the company alive and turn it into a jewelry company, after all the company was named after our daughter Marisol Marie and she absolutely adored jewelry and gemstones! As we transitioned into this our ring orders picked up rapidly and we were able to upgrade our equipment which led to much better quality in our rings. Our company grew and we eventually added more clients and jewelry stores to our list. Most notably we are working with Park Hill Jewelry from Ephrata, PA and Warren Jewellers of Lancaster!

As we grew we decided to make special designs which is what you are seeing on our website and Etsy. The journey has been incredible so far and we can't wait to show you what we have in store next! 

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