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Certified Authentic Mosasaur Fragment Tooth Ring

Certified Authentic Mosasaur Fragment Tooth Ring

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This Ring contains the following: Mosasaur Tooth Fragments, 24k Gold Flake, White Glow Powder, Crushed White Granite, and Diamond Dust! You may request the ring to not glow in our personalization section. This section is optional and if it is left blank, we will assume the glowing element is fine to use.

All items in this ring were ethically sourced and provided by our Partners over at Fossil Hoard. Check out some of our exclusive designs on their website with the link! If you are local to Lancaster, Pa you can see this ring design in person at Warren Jewellers!

About the Mosasaur Specimens we use (courtesy of Fossil Hoard):
The term mosasaur doesn't refer to a single prehistoric animal, but rather a group of least 40 genera of extinct marine reptiles that lived about 70 million years ago during the Late Cretaceous period.

Mosasaurs were air breathing, had an elongated crocodilian snout, and were fast swimmers thanks to their four fins and tail. They could range in length from just over 3 feet to 56 feet depending on the species. Mosasaurs were carnivores, and their agility made them the dominant marine predators of their era.

These mosasaur teeth were discovered in Khouribga, Morocco. A single mosasaur would have had two rows of teeth like these, which were used to grab hold of their struggling prey.

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