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MariMar Galleria

MariMar Galleria Amethyst & Sapphire Earrings

MariMar Galleria Amethyst & Sapphire Earrings

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Each pair is in an 8mm 304 surgical grade steel setting making them hypoallergenic and tarnish resistant. These gorgeous earrings contain Amethyst and Sapphire fragments and are accented with a stunning lavender mica base, Muonionalusta meteorite shavings and a dark purple/blue glow.

Please note that glows on the darker color spectrum will not glow as bright as some of our other colors such as green or aqua blue. These darker glows are meant to be a subtle accent in the dark!

Even though these earrings charge naturally by sunlight to glow in the dark, each set comes with a free UV light keychain to make them light up anywhere at any time!
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