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Peacock Ring

Peacock Ring

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This is one of the most unique and gorgeous rings we have made yet! This ring is packed full of vibrant colors that shift flawlessly from any angle you view it. This ring contains fragments and shards of dichroic glass and mixed with custom glass made by one of our favorite local artists, Janice Johnson. We then place melted copper strands throughout the spaces between the glass. Underneath we have a custom blend of daytime glow powders with accents of aqua, deep blue, purple, orange, green and red! If you would prefer for your ring not to glow, just send us a note or message with your order and we will remove it. Here you may also request a favorite color or two and we will add more of that to your ring in glow powder and/or glass.

We utilize premium glow powders from Techo Glow. Each powder is meant to last and continue to glow for years to come! Each ring that glows uses Daytime Glow Powder. This Powder remains colorless until it is in the dark. Rings will glow and charge naturally by sunlight alone. Please note that colors that are darker on the spectrum such as red and purple will not glow as brightly as ones such as white or aqua. Current colors we offer are Purple, Blue, Red, Orange, Green, Aqua and White (Least bright to brightest). If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out!

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