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Topaz and Amber Ring

Topaz and Amber Ring

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This ring has a very special meaning to us here at MariMar Galleria. What better way to introduce our Topaz inlay ring than to announce our partnership with a truly amazing cause. We have decided to work with The Topaz Fairy Project. This charity is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that sends care packages to children going through trauma and extreme hardship. Each package is customized to the child receiving it. Over 500 children across the USA have received a package from Topaz! We hope to increase that number in a much bigger way! Each sale of this specific ring we will donate proceeds to cover the cost of 1 box and it's shipping expenses. You may choose to remain anonymous as the buyer or include your name. To donate in general or track your personal donation made by MariMar you can check out the following sites!

Be sure to follow their facebook page as we will also be launching giveaways to raise money for a special Christmas even the Topaz Fairy will be hosting for over 70 kids!

This Topaz ring comes packed with crushed topaz and fragments of Indonesian Amber. These pieces are placed over a custom gold and champagne mica powder mixed with real diamond dust to give it a beautiful depth effect. Lastly we add small bits of melted copper and 24k Gold Flake throughout the ring giving it a beautiful accent!

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