About Us

MariMar Galleria is a small business operating out of Lancaster, PA.

Our most notable services come from our rings as we are able to design directly with the client to make their perfect ring, engagement/wedding set, or pet remembrance ring.

Each ring is handcrafted with care and insures that no two rings are ever the same. This always makes for a precious family heirloom that generations can enjoy and know that their jewelry is truly one of a kind!

MariMar Galleria works with numerous local boutiques and jewelry stores, most notably Warren Jewellers and Park Hill Jewelry. So if you are local to any of these shops, stop on by to see some of our designs in person!

We also go through great lengths to ensure that all of the specimens used in our jewelry are ethically sourced and authentic! This is why we have also teamed up with incredible experts in their industry from Fossil Hoard and History Hoard to help us authenticate items such as our dinosaur bone and other unique materials.

Lastly, for our other materials we use only the best! That is why we chose to source from Patrick Adair, GluBoost and TechnoGlow when it comes to powders and other inlay items.

Thank you for visiting our page and remember all of our rings can be 100% customizable to meet your needs. If you see a design on our page and want to swap colors or items, simply send us an email or contact us and we can custom create your dream ring from scratch!