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Abyss Shungite Glow Ring

Abyss Shungite Glow Ring

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Stare into the abyss and you'll be pleasantly surprised. With metaphysical and protector properties - we were commissioned by a unique Gem boutique to come up with a sleek and elegant protection ring for their clients.

This ring's inlay is entirely made of crushed shungite, black tourmaline, terahertz, diamond dust, and lastly muonionalusta meteorite shavings. Underneath is our special blend of green, blue and aqua glow powders! PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS RING DESIGN IS BEST USED WITH WHITE BANDS, THEY ARE OFFERED IN OTHERS AS WELL BUT WILL NOT GLOW THE WHOLE WAY THROUGH AS PICTURED IN WHITE!

*Shungite boosts your energy, heals, relieves stress, detoxifies and purifies body and mind, protects from harmful EMFs, increases physical and mental balance!

The inlay itself will show vibrant speckles of glowing particles almost like staring at the stars or the lights past the abyss. The band being white ceramic, will illuminate brightly in the dark and be sure to make a statement anywhere you wear it! In the day time the band will appear white and the inlay will be subtle but shimmer with beauty!

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