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Authentic Certified Dinosaur Bone Ring

Authentic Certified Dinosaur Bone Ring

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This Ring contains the following: Assorted Dinosaur Bone Fragments (This can include fossil specimens from Edmontosaurus, Allosaurus, and Brachiosaurus from the Jurassic Period, 199.6 to 145 MYA
Origin: Utah, USA) We do our best to add a variety of colors and specimens in each ring! Each ring and fragment is beautifully accented with melted copper. The base of the ring core contains crushed dinosaur bone dust mixed with diamond dust.

All items in this ring were ethically sourced and provided by our Partners over at Fossil Hoard. Check out some of our exclusive designs on their website with the link! If you are local to Lancaster, Pa you can see this ring design in person at Warren Jewellers!

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