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Certified Authentic Tyrannosaurus Tooth and Bone Ring

Certified Authentic Tyrannosaurus Tooth and Bone Ring

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This Ring contains the following: T. Rex Tooth Fragments (This tooth comes from a tyrannosaur, a family of theropod dinosaurs that includes the famous T. rex. It was found in Wibaux County, Montana and comes from the Hell Creek Formation, an area rich in dinosaur fossils. You can purchase Teeth Directly from Fossil Hoard here -

It also contains T. Rex Bone Fragments sourced from the Two Medicines Formation in Montana as well. The ring is embedded with large hammered Muonionalusta Meteorite Fragments and Shavings and lastly accented with synthetic "Lava Rock" Opal and Diamond Dust. The Opal glimmers in the light showing off beautiful oranges, reds, yellows, greens, and occasional blue/purples giving this ring an incredibly unique appearance!

All items in this ring were ethically sourced and provided by our Partners over at Fossil Hoard. Check out some of our exclusive designs on their website with the link! If you are local to Lancaster, Pa you can see this ring design in person at Warren Jewellers!

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