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Create Your Own Dichroic Glass Ring

Create Your Own Dichroic Glass Ring

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We have partnered with an amazing local artisan Janice Johnson from Roots Market here in Lancaster, PA!

She provides us with stunning dichroic glass pieces that she makes herself. We take these gorgeous pieces and break them up, taking the most unique parts of each and fitting them into rings for our clients.

This is our first collection where we are offering clients the ability to hand select the piece of glass that goes in their ring. Once the piece is selected, MariMar works their magic and pairs the glass with a custom mixture of glow powder to accent the intricate colors and adds little surprises along the way that compliment each ring! This could be in the form of synthetic opals, meteorite shavings, or even gold, copper, or silver flakes as a bonus and free of charge!

We love celebrating other artists in our industry and we figured this is the best way to honor this particular artist by adding some of our own creativity to make your ring one of the most personalized and unique rings available on the market!

Please choose one of the following options for us to make your ring out of! By clicking on one of them the picture will enlarge and replace the current photo so you can see the glass in greater detail! The last option is if you do not see a particular piece that you are interested in and we will custom make your ring with our own assortment of dichroic frit flake and complimenting glows! Either way, your ring will look amazing!
We also provide a special instructions form that we encourage you to use if you would like to change something to make it truly customized! We also strongly recommend leaving your best contact information so we can contact you while making this custom creation and if you choose an email contact, please check your spam folder just incase our email ends up there!

Even though these rings charge naturally by sunlight to glow in the dark, each ring comes with a free UV light keychain to make them light up anywhere at any time! Ring also comes with a box, cleaning cloth, and a carry pouch.

If you have any questions prior to ordering, please email us -
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