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Hunter Ring

Hunter Ring

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Inspired by our original Hunter Ring, we decided to make a special double channel band that would feature all the original materials from the Hunter ring and add an entire band of authentic M1 Garand wood!

This ring is set in Black Ceramic or Tungsten which are both 8mm in width. They are both light weight a designed with comfort fit.

As mentioned our first channel is constructed with M1 Garand wood. We have intentionally left the wood in it's original form without extra sanding or enhancing the color. This gives it a true authentic rugged look! The second channel is packed created using a unique blend of diamond dust, charcoal, black tourmaline and a special mica powder to give it a unique "gun powder" blend, next we layer the channel with deer antler fragments (ethically sourced from naturally shed antlers), shavings from real bullets (copper and zinc alloy), and lastly brass shavings from 308win casings! (We are currently using Hornady V-Max 50BMG casings)

Please note that due to supply chain shortages we may substitute brands of caliber casings and bullets - we do keep within the calibers of .223/5.56, 308win, and 30-06 and our bullets rotate between Hornady, Nosler, Wolf, or Sierra Matchking.

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