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Lepidolite and Gold Ring

Lepidolite and Gold Ring

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One of our most subtle and elegant rings yet!

This unique ring inlay is made entirely of lepidolite! We break the lepidolite in an incredibly unique way that allows us to layer this amazing mica (mineral) specimen to give it depth and a "ice like" structure. The base of the contains our custom blend of purple glow with ice blue accents which bring the white ceramic band to life in the dark! Lastly we accent the fractured pieces of lepidolite with real 24k Gold Flakes!

Please note that this ring design does look the best in our White Ceramic core as it truly glows the brightest in the dark. However, all of our cores will still look beautiful with these inlay materials!

We utilize premium glow powders from Techo Glow. Each powder is meant to last and continue to glow for years to come! Each ring that glows uses Daytime Glow Powder. This Powder remains colorless until it is in the dark. Rings will glow and charge naturally by sunlight alone.

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