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MariMar Meteorite Ring

MariMar Meteorite Ring

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A meteorite is a fragment of spatial matter that falls to the surface of a planet. Most meteorites that fall to Earth come from the Asteroid Belt. Watch as a meteorite travels to Earth, causes an explosion, and creates an impact crater. - National Geographic

MariMar has captured pieces of this natural phenomenon and put them into rings! Each Meteorite ring has shavings, chunks, and dust dust of Muonionalusta meteorite and Campo De Cielo Meteorite. Each ring comes with a unique color glow that you get to choose which is mixed with authentic diamond dust! 

For $10.00 more per glow, you may choose any other colors of your choice to really make your ring stand out from the rest! We recommend not choosing the same color twice so you save $10.00!

You may also choose NO GLOW and we will replace the glow powder with crushed black tourmaline, Muonionalusta dust and diamond dust instead at no extra charge.

Daytime Glow Powder will not glow in sunlight or well lit areas but will come to life in the dark!

These rings will naturally charge in the sunlight and glow in the dark. We will provide a UV light keychain free of charge so you can make them glow anywhere! Please note that glow powders that are on the darker color spectrum such as red, blue and purple will not glow as brightly as colors such as white or aqua. We do our best to capture these colors naturally to best represent the finished product. 

Glow powder photos are courtesy of TechnoGlow
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