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MariMar Galleria

Shungite Ring

Shungite Ring

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This Ring is designed to look subtle yet stunning in the daylight and at night!

Each ring inlay contains large fragments and crushed chips of Shungite over top of pure diamond dust and our aqua blue glow powder! Want to change up the glow color? We also offer green, blue, red, purple, white and orange! **Red blue and purple being on the darker end of the spectrum will not shine as bright as our aqua, white and green**

Each Glow color is part of our “daytime glow series” that will only glow in the dark and remain virtually colorless during the day. Glow not your thing? You can also request "no glow". With this option we will still use our diamond dust but substitute the glow powder with crushed Selenite!

Please utilize the optional customize section to choose your glow color or no glow. If this space is left blank we will use our aqua glow by default!

This ring was inspired by a custom order we made for a gem and mineral store. While Shungite is believed to be an excellent healing mineral and help with overall wellbeing, it is said to be an excellent EMF protector and shield your body from harmful free radicals. This increasingly popular mineral seems to hold quite a bit of power! MariMar Galleria highly recommends doing your own research on this mineral and come to your own conclusions on what is accurate about Shungite - we are simply here to make beautiful jewelry regardless of mineral claims!

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