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The Big Bang Ring

The Big Bang Ring

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One of our most ambitious rings to date!

This was inspired by Park Hill Jewelry (one of our stocking jewelers locally). Be sure to stop by their store if you're in the area to see our rings in person!

Channel 1 consists of crushed dinosaur bone and black tourmaline as a base and layered with Tyrannosaurus Rex tooth fragments sourced from our partners at Fossil Hoard from the Two Medicines Formation!

Channel 2 is made of crushed Moldavite sourced from the Czech Republic bedded overtop of diamond dust and a light green glow.

Channel 3 is made of dusted Muonionalusta meteorite, Muonionalusta shavings, and lastly synthetic ember opal.

This ring was designed to show the meteorite impact and the dinosaur extinction all in one setting. This triple channel ring is sure to draw attention and is truly one of a kind!

Even though these rings charge naturally by sunlight to glow in the dark, each ring comes with a free UV light keychain to make them light up anywhere at any time! Ring also comes with a box, cleaning cloth, and a carry pouch.

Due to the amount of materials used we can only work with ring sizes 7.0 to 14.5 for this design. We apologize for any inconvenience. If you would like us to make something similar, we do offer smaller bands in double channel and would be happy to assist you!

*This ring once made is non refundable and cannot be exchanged due to the rarity of our specimens used in this design*
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