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WW2 Battle of Iwo Jima Ring

WW2 Battle of Iwo Jima Ring

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"The Battle of Iwo Jima was an epic military campaign between U.S. Marines and the Imperial Army of Japan in early 1945. Located 750 miles off the coast of Japan, the island of Iwo Jima had three airfields that could serve as a staging facility for a potential invasion of mainland Japan. American forces invaded the island on February 19, 1945, and the ensuing Battle of Iwo Jima lasted for five weeks." -

This ring is made of incredibly special and rare material. The ring can be set in Tungsten, Hammered Tungsten, or Black Ceramic. The inlay is comprised of black sand from Iwo Jima and crushed Black Tourmaline with diamond dust. The ring inlay materials are authentic black walnut M1 Garand stock, shaved .30 caliber casing and lastly melted copper!

This sand (which is actually VOLCANIC ASH) was collected off the Invasion Beach: RED of Iwo Jima on the 70th anniversary of the battle. This sand is very rare since Americans are only allowed on the Island once a year during a special commemorative ceremony for the Battle. Currently the black sand we are using is sourced from Operation Meatball a Non-profit organization supporting veterans and sharing history!

The M1 Garand Stock was sourced by The Stock Emporium.

*This style of ring is currently only offered in 8mm Width, if you would like 6mm, please contact us prior to ordering*

*Due to the rarity of some of these components there is no refunds or exchanges. Replacements can only be made if material is currently available.
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