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MariMar Galleria

Yooperlite Ring

Yooperlite Ring

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PLEASE NOTE - THIS IS FOR SALE OF RING ONLY, Dragon, Sphere, and Bracelet are part of photography only.

This ring has been in design for nearly a year! We love that the Yooperlite in itself is UV reactive, but what if you don't have a UV light handy? Wouldn't it be great if it could shine all the time? While we can't make that happen exactly, this design will be sure to stand out no matter your lighting situation!

First, we wanted to make this ring special for our metaphysical crowd. We complimented the crushed Yooperlite with small fragments and dust from Lepidolite to achieve a perfect harmony and balance. Next we added our custom blood orange synthetic opal to give the Yooperlite a sharp and stunning orange accent that is sure to catch anyone's eye in natural light. Next, when constructing the inlay, we break apart multiple Yooperlite specimens so we can can hand sort fragments that are UV reactive. This way, you are guaranteed to have a ring full of UV reactive sodalite! Lastly, we use our special orange daytime glow powder, so your ring will glow in the dark! This way no matter what, your ring will feature some awesome variant of orange!

*please note that just like amber, synthetic opal will also react to UV light the same as the yooperlite fragments.

Yooperlite has become an increasingly popular stone of choice for the metaphysical community and rock collectors! Yooperlite is actually sodalite and has reactive parts that will turn vibrant shades of orange when hit with UV light.

It is said that Yooperlite is known for aiding in relieving the symptoms of menopause and helps to reduce inflammation, fever, headaches, sinus infections and muscle tension. Yooperlite also is said to help restore balance in your life by ridding yourself of negative energy and emotions. Yooperlite is also used as a form of protection from negative influences, people, and energy. By boosting your self-confidence, Yooperlite can help you achieve your goals and dreams. MariMar Galleria recommends you do your own research and come to your own founded conclusions on properties of Yooperlite!

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